Security camera roosting

By | 1 May 2020

(after Ted Hughes)

I sit under the eaves of buildings, my eyes open.
no falsifying dream between
my straight tail and straight brain.
no sleep to delay
me, I rewind the day’s play and zero
in on the city’s fringe-dwellers.

the convenience of the high rise!
an abundance of electricity,
out of rock throwing range
and Earth’s faces up for my inspection.

my red eye can spot a mouse
twitch a whisker.
with just a whir, I can pivot about-face
on my steel-tipped wings and close
my shutters on persons of note.

some days I link coppery claws
with my hunting mates in a grid
and together we fire up a live circuit,
scouring the field.

I am every court’s most
credible witness. my gaze
means the allotment
of both freedom and death.
for the one path of my flight
is direct through the eyes of the living.

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