Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles

Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles teaches literature and creative writing at De La Salle University in Manila. His interests encompass contemporary art, conceptual writing, film and video, installation, found objects, and text-based experimentation. English translations by Kristine Ong Muslim of his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous publications, including Asymptote, Words Without Borders, Copper Nickel, and Poetry London. In 2018, he collaborated with various writer-musicians to produce Namamatay ang mga Nagmamahal, a 17-track CD album of his poems set to music; he also exhibited his first solo show, Antares, at Nomina Nuda in Los Baños, Laguna. The recipient of several national awards and writing fellowships, Arguelles has written more than 20 books, including most recently Ang Aming Lungkot ay Amin (Librong Lira, 2023).

The Possibility of the New: ‘Nasa sa Isip’ in Oliver Ortega’s Nasa

It must be said that Oliver Ortega’s book, Nasa (Desire), is not finished yet. The book has two parts – a diptych. The first part, ‘Nasa sa Isip (In the Mind),’ already completed, is an appropriation via translation and selection of parts containing the word moment from the books Das Kapital and Grundrisse der Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie by the German philosopher Karl Marx.

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