Manisha Anjali

Manisha Anjali is a writer and artist. She is the author of Naag Mountain (Giramondo, 2023). She is the founder of Neptune, a research and documentation platform for dreams, visions and hallucinations.

Carrying water in an earthen vessel

I carry water in an earthen vessel. The jug is made from earth beneath the palash. I follow the birth of fire through the wilds. The lacuna is lined with fable and milk. Bone marrow flowers in the howls. There …

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Farmer’s Ektara

Ektara, in the key of rebirth and revolution. Farmer flies on the back of the white horse to the beginning of our lifelines. I have forgotten to age. From the wound in the throat, I fish an old pumpkin, horsehair …

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Sun and Coin

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‘It is a gift for you’: Danny Silva Soberano Interviews Manisha Anjali

In my mind, Manisha Anjali is most neatly described as a ‘poet’, though her body of work cannot be so neatly classified.

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eat the rich

rich woman
 rich woman

 I will eat your t o n g u e I will eat your t o n g u e t o n g u e
 t o n g u e g u e g …

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