Mannarakal Dasan

Mannarakal Dasan is currently Professor and Head of the Department of English and Comparative Literature, Central University of Kerala. Formerly he has held various academic and administrative positions–Professor and Head, Dean, Registrar–in Calicut and Kannur Universities for about three decades. He has published about 40 research articles in prestigious journals and books on a variety of topics like, culture, land rights, human rights, environment, Australian Aboriginal, Canadian First Nations, tribal and Dalit writings and has presented papers in many international seminars held in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Cuba, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He has authored /edited 9 books including the Oxford India Anthology of Malayalam Dalit Writing (2012), Countercultural Discourse and Dalit Literature in India (2014). He was awarded Shastri Indo Canadian Fellowship and UGC Doctoral Research Award.

The Street Dog

Translated from the Malayalam to the English by Mannarakal Dasan Do not say a word I have something to say In the words scrubbed clean The truths that smells of blood. The howling was not to excel in howling. To …

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Old Scores: An Occasional Poem for Girrilang

Translated from the English to the Malayalam by Manarkkal Dasan aq¶ncp]Xm­pw ]ns¶mcp]¯pw? Po³ ]dªp hm¡pIfpsSsbmcp hoXw sh¡Âþ ]ns¶….. Ah D]tbmKn¡q \o ihsa! sshIrXsat¶m? AsX, Hcpthf kXyamhmw IfhpamImw, Po\ns\¡mÄ {]ikvX\msbmcmÄ XÀ¡n¨p. F´mWv kXyw? hnävK³ ss̳ ]dªp ‘kwKXn F´pXs¶bmbmepw’ AbmÄ ]dªXv icnbmhmw. …

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