The Street Dog

By and | 1 October 2016

Translated from the Malayalam to the English by Mannarakal Dasan

Do not say a word
I have something to say
In the words scrubbed clean
The truths that smells of blood.
The howling was not to excel in howling.
To paste the address of the waste
The tails that couldn’t be straightened
Even by using a Pipe
The weight of faith
Bolted from inside.
When the latches of silence
The memories open locks of secrecy.
With the belief that I am accompanied
When I am leaving the forest
Dreams that touched my heart
Yearn for freedom.
In the dark
In barren land
Drinking a sea of loneliness
Clouds of fire crawl inside of me
In the paintings signed by traitors
Haven’t you separated me?
When tears of pretension
Fail to break the shackles
When smugness gnaws at the bondages
You ask for my keys of vision
By stabbing me with sharp swords.
For my ignorance
For not to testify
I do not have pain today.
You can scratch and take my life
Without spilling a drop of blood
When you are done drinking up all my emotions
Please do let me know
I want to cry in the shock of realisation.

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