Maddie Godfrey

Madison ‘Maddie' Godfrey is a writer, educator, and emotional feminist. They are the author of ‘How To Be Held’ (2018) and ‘Dress Rehearsals’ (2023). Madison has performed poetry at The Sydney Opera House, The Royal Albert Hall, St Paul’s Cathedra, TEDx and Glastonbury Festival. They are a recipient of the Kat Muscat Fellowship, The Varuna Poetry Flagship Fellowship and a WA Youth Award for their ‘Creative Contributions’ to the state. Currently Maddie is completing their PhD and living on Whadjuk Noongar land with a rescue cat named Sylvia.


Months later, I am still thinking about the two teen girls who saw me and knew I wouldn’t tell. Everyone else in the supermarket was their mother. Every other mouth had a muscle memory snarl. Two girls huddled together like …

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Horoscope for My Queer Self, Two Years Ago

Maddie, pay attention. So there’s this TV personality called Antoni who you don’t know yet. He is a bisexual man who doesn’t shrink under spotlights. He’s on a show called Queer Eye which will make you cry one day. No, …

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