Laura Cozma

Laura Cozma is a Romanian poet and co-founder of the literary circle Ante Portas, based in the city of Buzău. Her first published poetry collection is forthcoming in 2020.


it’s strange how love inhabited us / two asymmetrical bodies one pushed to the abyss the other stopped at traffic lights, waiting for the Absolute the street’s echo penetrates the tips of my fingers all the way up to the …

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Resurrection | Resurecție

we were born for the sky but on the Giza Plateau priests are looking for traces of life in the mastabas I watch you shaving and my gametes start playing the castanets the ship of Keops is floating backwards your …

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Alter Ego

black is the only colour left on da Vinci’s palette and La Gioconda’s tears are flowing from the wood she sometimes walked out of the picture frame and reclaimed it they made love until the canvas tore her smile was …

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Love as an Atoll | Lubirea ca un Atol

last night I thought of you for the last time you were conducting the sea with a brush and the ocean turned green and that inception the size of a grain of sand was filling with nacre love was born …

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The Sweet Blade of Time | Lama Dulce a Timpului

something in me urges me to contemplate the whisper of night into day like an avatar, the ink migrates from the Vitruvian Man you watch me the way a child touches a new toy you take shelter in me from …

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