김사인 (KIM Sa-in)

Kim Sa-in (b. 1955) was born in Boeun, North Chungcheong Province and studied Korean Literature in Seoul National University. He has published two volumes of poetry, Letter Written at Night (1987) and Quietly Liking (2006). His early poems were marked by the yearning for democracy and justice in the face of social injustice, and his recent poems strive for lyrical depth through compassion and sympathy with the world. He is the recipient of Hyundae Literary Award (2005) and Daesan Literary Award (2006) and now teaches creative writing at Dongduk Women’s University. As for him, writing poetry is to question things tirelessly and the poet is not just a questioner but also the person who tries to answer the questions and put the answers into practice.

그를 버리다 (Leaving Him Behind)

죽은 이는 죽었으나 산 이는 또 살았으므로 불을 피운다 동짓달 한복판 잔가지는 빨리 붙어 잠깐 불타고 굵은 것은 오래 타지만 늦게 붙는다 마른 잎들은 여럿이 모여 화르르 타오르고 큰 나무는 외로이 혼자서 탄다 묵묵히 솟아오른 봉분 가슴에 박힌 못만 같아서 …

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노숙 (Homeless)

헌 신문지 같은 옷가지들 벗기고 눅눅한 요 위에 너를 날 것으로 뉘고 내려다본다 생기 잃고 옹이진 손과 발이며 가는 팔다리 갈비뼈 자리들이 지쳐 보이는구나 미안하다 너를 부려 먹이를 얻고 여자를 안아 집을 이루었으나 남은 것은 진땀과 악몽의 길뿐이다 또다시 너를 …

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