John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson is an English poet who lives in Chicago and teaches at the University of Chicago. Schedule of Unrest, his selected poems edited by Alex Pestell, was published by Salt in 2014. Ghost Nets, a new collection, is published by Omnidawn.


Every single one of the rest had been violated. We pressed ourselves against hide, we pressed ourselves onto a yak wool throw. I saw my ice capsule
 float in the drained blue way above and there was nothing for it. …

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The Island of Love

Vague human masks pipe out a sweet coverture. The isle is swarmed over by their bird proxies pillaging while seeming to bestow the crystal wink, all such imitation takes its aspect from nature. Chisels shape a loaf of rockwool, chipping …

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Circular Quay

for (but not to) Gig Ryan You heard me. Don’t pretend you didn’t. This town’s foliage corkscrews down from trees that sound a bit off. Gentles in a neat layer writhe like a pullover over what at a distance looks …

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