By | 1 November 2016

Every single one of the rest had been violated.
We pressed ourselves against hide,
we pressed ourselves onto a yak wool throw.
I saw my ice capsule

float in the drained blue way above
and there was nothing for it.
Outside gravel chippings being swept
along a gouged track,
tar for subsumption
moiled in boilers
curtained in tar,
outside overflowed, hardening at the fringes
yellow sky seeped into, canopied
and hardened.
All or nothing, that was the sum,
steps faltered even though
isolated stars signal to be tacked up –
though underpinned by webs of
projections, as you were,
fall back, that’s your lot, surely is.
O split stopper always were my fallback,
all or nothing,
O split blind trunk fall back,
only to be cancelled or electromagnetic
pulse corrugating time dismantles sunders
pulse. Noli me tangere.
Just remove that mark
in a twinkling/ in a flash/
fields of power will be unconscionable
shrivelled tremor.
Every syllable has been marked
one and by one/
seeded with a confident up-yours
despotic idiom spills over.
Fall back to blockage.
Beyond the tufted field meteorites shower.
On the field rabbit shit.
Inside our tent air thickens now we huddle.
Our escape capsules long departed.
Geospatial analysts have their fix on us.

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