John Foulcher

John Foulcher has published ten books of poetry, the latest being 101 Poems (Pitt Street Poetry 2015), which is a selection of the previous nine collections. A new collection will appear from Pitt Street Poetry early next year. His work has appeared nationally in magazines and anthologies over the past thirty years. In 2010-11 he was the Literature Board resident at the Keesing Studio in Paris. He lives in Canberra.

Review Short: Jen Webb’s Sentences from the Archive

Jen Webb’s small volume, Sentences from the Archive shows the sorts of things well-executed prose poems can and should do. Webb’s prose poems feel like they’re written in one long line, the rhythm lilting like everyday speech, then catching in the throat when the implications of an observation reveal themselves to their creator.

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La Passagère du 54

You are in love. Yesterday, on the ship from Le Havre to Lisbon, she walked on the deck with her husband and child, her hair a brushstroke of gold. Now, she is sitting alone. She has been reading, but the …

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