Jahan Ramazani

Jahan Ramazani is the author of a number of books on poetics, including Poetry and Its Others: News, Prayer, Song, and the Dialogue of Genres (University of Chicago Press, 2013), A Transnational Poetics (University of Chicago Press, 2009) and The Hybrid Muse: Postcolonial Poetry in English (University of Chicago Press, 2001). He has also edited The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry (2003) and co-edited The Twentieth Century and After, in The Norton Anthology of English Literature (2006, 2012). He is Edgar F. Shannon Professor of English and Department Chair at the University of Virginia.

Elena Gomez Interviews Jahan Ramazani

From opposite sides of the world (east coasts of USA and Australia respectively), US scholar Jahan Ramazani and I began an email correspondence, before meeting face-to-face while he was in Sydney for the AMSN2: Transnational Modernisms Conference in December 2014, where he delivered a keynote address.

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