Cameron Fuller

Cameron Fuller lives in Adelaide. His first volume, 'Low background noise', was published by Wakefield Press and Friendly Street Poets in 2006. Currently a PhD student at the University of South Australia, he is also a poetry co-editor of Wet Ink Magazine.



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In one tidy [snickering bookstore] package

I'm waiting for someone to count me in. You can see a faint candlelight. I look away turn to it, check you have that white chocolate and the heat surging through it. Falling for you, or at least in front …

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The lifestyle you deserve

lies at the next turn, a sign says, displayed in a place where ducks stop traffic and families picnic by a manufactured lake. It shimmers through glazed windows to highlight the outdated design of your current life. Its illusions are …

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English text pattern

Thou art 2 ezy on th i. I do beseech ye; yes, that that is true is true. Keep humming the latest toilet cleaner jingle & follow protocols after deleting spam. Achtung, ciao, konnichiwa: I luv yez all. That fella: …

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