English text pattern

By | 1 July 2009

Thou art 2 ezy on th i. I do
beseech ye; yes, that that is true is true.
Keep humming the latest toilet cleaner
jingle & follow protocols after
deleting spam. Achtung, ciao,
: I luv yez all.
That fella: she bin gone.
He confabulated facts
about history. One cannot
beowulf a page with thin smears
of poetic emulsion. On the other
side of The Globe, an audience
waited hours to hear the phrase:
At the end of the day it's all good.
To the permanent moral panik
about literacy, I give riposte
and misspell misspell. This program
brought to you by the foundation
for endangered auxiliary verbs.
Domesticate words & consume
with an ironic detachment.
The fragrant molecules floating
in yr milieu. Take one dose
twice daily by blog or fart.
r u @ home with a 2nd langwij?
Can't say nuffink in a 3,000
word SMS essay. There ain't
gonna be no transmogrification
of the quotidian. We apologise
for any inconvenience. Somethings
is happenings. It's the same-same.
There is no test pattern. Please recycle
old questions in new English.
Must we keep asking if culture
iz dumbing downward? Text
or fone now 2 hv yr say.

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