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Caroline Williamson

About Caroline Williamson

Caroline Williamson recently completed a creating writing PhD at Monash University. ‘The Coalfield and the Apocalypse: Poetry and the Politics of Time’ argued against despair, even in the most difficult of times, using the late work of Walter Benjamin as a framework within which to examine the poetry of Jorie Graham and Jill Jones. Her long poem, ‘Cap Coch’, explored a coal-mining community in Wales in the 1870s. She has previously published articles on the work of Barbara Guest and Jill Jones. Her poetry has been published most recently in Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry.

Dissecting the Apocalypse: Jorie Graham’s Sea Change

JGI will first attempt to develop one possible reading of ‘On the Concept of History’, taking for granted that any such reading exists alongside – and may even contradict – other more familiar interpretations. The second part of the article will follow this line of thinking in approaching Jorie Graham’s Sea Change, a collection of poetry that explores the catastrophic possibilities of global warming.

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