Brianna Bullen

Brianna Bullen is a 2017 Deakin University creative writing PhD candidate planning on writing a thesis involving posthumanism, science-fiction, neural implants, memory and materiality. Works of a speculative nature imagining possible futures, and those focusing on the body, greatly appeal to her. Her honours thesis focused on clones, robots and art. She has had fiction and poetry published in Wordly, Imagine Journal, LiNQ, NoiseMedium, Verandah, Voiceworks, with arts criticism in Buzzcuts.

Review Short: Nikos Nomikos’s Noted Transparencies

Honest and intimate, transparency is the term and practice giving Nikos Nomikos’s Noted Transparency (or Σημειωμένες Διαφάνειες, pronounced ‘Simiomenes Diafaneies’) its immediate impact. Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1934, Nomikos has published nine poetry collections, with Noted Transparencies the later work of a mature artist.

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