Alinta Krauth

Alinta Krauth is a digital poet, projection artist, sound artist, and games designer, with a keen interest in environmental and political issues. She is interested in ways to tie sustainability and ecological education into large-scale interactive pieces, as seen in her recently exhibited work ‘Little Boxes’ at Luxlumin Festival. Her exhibited works explore poetry games, sound poetry, interactive sound art, interactive Net art, and projection mapping onto sculpture. She has had her interactive digital art-poetry exhibited globally from Brisbane to New York, Virginia to Vienna.

to arrive by chance

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Instructions As Art: Digital Writers as Modern-day Renaissance People

I am now almost thirty years old. While there were many different gaming consoles around when I was a kid, I wasn’t privy to many of them. I was a fairly active child and teenager who spent most of her spare time outdoors (usually wandering around parks aimlessly). My education did not involve classroom computers, however I did have access to one at home.

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