Vernyce Dannells

Double Happiness

A cataract of water clinging to the tail of the penny magnifies its ringing summons, promises not mere luck, but double happiness I must have it, bending over in spite of that voice — that one of my beau, scolding …

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Vernyce Dannells lives and writes on Maui. Her work has appeared in numerous international literary magazines. Cadenza Press published a chapbook, Temporarily Abated, in spring 2006.

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I ‘member

Born in Chicago, Vernyce is a first generation, mixed
heritage triplet. Before moving to Hawaii, she alternated
between coasts most of her professional life, but remembers
a challenging adolescence spent in Milwaukee's inner city
– in the same streets/times that became the arena of
sixties riots and later, a cannibal's picnic grounds for
Jeffrey Dahmer.

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