I ‘member

By | 19 May 2004

I 'member we strutted down the street
ass to cheek — safety in numbers
chanting loud lyrics to a tune
we'd later learn was Ellington's “Night Train~”
-“Yo mama she don't even care
she wears yo daddy's underwea
Yo mama unh, unh, unh-”

Racing to the next insult
“hate to talk about yo' mama
she's a good ole soul
she got a humpback booty
and a rubber asshole.”

Perverting Pepsodent commercials:
“You'll wonder where the yellow went
when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent
'Cause when your teeth are turnin' black
You'll wish you had that yellow back.”

I 'member double dutch lyrics tastier, racier
escalatin' footwork, patchwork of rhythm and
sources, rhymes, syncopation, nation building
sisterhood, sibilance and early romance dancing

-A million versions of Miss Mary Mack and Jimmy
Crack Corn, later blues and news that traveled from
distant drums through footwork thrums, braids and

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