Vaughan Rapatahana


kua mate tetahi atu he totara kei mua e kata te ra [another totara has died before the day laughs] as morning pokes its sullen fingers t h r o u g h sentinel clouds, we trace liminal the scurfy …

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must have b e e n my great grandfather [x30] taku tipuna1 Manaia – he was THE transpacific toa2 well b e f o r e any white-mariner’s hands murkied the swill. aue so faaaaaaaaaar back. he’d poleaxed that grue …

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Topside, Nauru

like one-armed drownings these marked escutcheons crash through the quaky crust, in no clear pattern some stalk others a few adrift, even more abandoned; all eyeless. doomed. there is nothing else here frigate birds stay away, and even the leaves …

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