Tara Mokhtari

from Letters to Allen Ginsberg

1:X A few days passed without words between us, I’ve neglected you in paper only, my spirit Tormented as ever by my own misadventures. Bought a Black Forrest at Veniero’s on 11th, walked it through the Village And taxied it …

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Tara Mokhtari Reviews Amelia Walker

Amelia Walker has imaginatively approached the theme of the stories behind fake poets with Sound and Bundy, a collection of poems by three fictional poets and their collective, doubly fictional Ern Malley reincarnation named Jason Silver. Peter Lind, Shannon Woodford, and Angie Rawkins are the three protagonists in this very convincing work of fiction by Walker. A story emerges about these three poets who wrote together under the guise of Jason Silver, and the ways in which their lives and poetries intertwined. The result is something between an alarmingly realistic (but fake) anthology and a verse novel. It effectively sucks the reader into its reality – suburban Adelaide in 1998 until 2006 when both one of the poets, Lind, and the Jason Silver moniker commit suicide.

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Tara Mokhtari Reviews Jamie King-Holden and Koraly Dimitriadis

Jamie King-Holden is the 2010 winner of the Whitmore Press/Poetry Idol Manuscript Prize and this is her first collection of poetry. I am reminded, upon finding this out, of a series of miniature chapbooks published by the Australian Poetry Centre which I reviewed for Cordite a year ago.

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