Simone Muench

the river girl (starring amy l)

Sounds of her pregnancy in the other room. Odor of damp wigs and the body's brachial splintering. Her eyes full of thread, dark as seaweed. In this light, she is aspen wood; her belly, wing-withered. The river settles in her …

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the aperture (starring mackenzie c)

flash-faced. her spine spun honey. shunt sugar & dagger. pulp & placenta. there in photographs are footprints that lead to a window, a green fog vista, trampled by atmosphere. heavy with ears. gypsum lines the driveway where houses replicate themselves. …

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a bestiary (starring jackie w)

In a tongue-snap sky, waxwings unspool over the plains. He was a whisper, she was Nebraska. Her hands pepperweed, pebble, pearl, pearl, so tone-smooth. Her mouth speaks, a red canary to a dime cigar. Spittle sheen. There are worse things …

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