the aperture (starring mackenzie c)

By | 13 January 2008

flash-faced. her spine spun honey. shunt sugar & dagger. pulp & placenta. there in photographs are footprints that lead to a window, a green fog vista, trampled by atmosphere. heavy with ears. gypsum lines the driveway where houses replicate themselves. a tailspin of squares. she can't see her way out of this syntax, out of window sashes, out of this fretted light where blossoms slide to brambles, & a woman is shorn of her hair, follicular & glistening. iridescence means eggplant, means isinglass. her pulse quartzing. morphemes dangle in her injury. where do we go from here? a pinafore on the floorboard of the car she's speeding away in. moving between whitewash & crosshatch. between syllable & windshield. seeding the helix of distances. a snowball capturing light in versions of her.


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