Michele Seminara

Suburban Fantasy

You maltreated my poor body your savage love filling me with child force- ing me down on your filthy mat- ress stinking with vile blood and roots you know nothing pack your things This is my house go * An …

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You’re bloated and there is fear in your gaze. You’ve demanded the right to be this way and I have acquiesced. Mirtazapine bought no peace. Food wrappers, razor blades, beer bottles, bong. Your body is an energy pushing pain into …

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Review Short: Michele Seminara’s Engraft

In ‘Sky Burial’, a poem about ‘the secrets inside / that we shamefully hide’, Seminara offers a provocation: ‘So listen / why don’t we share them? / Cut our guts open / and air them?’ It is an invitation to confession, but the visceral imagery is also a confrontation, an insistence on exposure which characterises much of Engraft, Seminara’s debut collection of poetry.

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