Mark Reid

Review Short: Mark Reid’s Looking out from Bashan: the republic of Og

Mark Reid’s poetry has always delighted and challenged me. His distinctive voice and finely-tuned ear for just the right music has given his work a potency that’s been hard-won. Reid is a craftsman. His tight phrasing and impeccable sense of where to break a line give even his more narrative poems an intense lyrical presence – particularly evident in these marvellous new poems. Reid’s invocation of and ruminations on the biblical giant Og never resort to parody or impose themselves as alternatives to autobiography. It’s hard to pin these poems down, and that’s what makes them so fresh and compelling.

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Ode to Sth Beach

The remains of the pier stick in your miserly west coast wash. The factory burns in corrugations amidst the rabbity scrub, its cyclone fencing rusts on the noxious perimeter. I have strayed from the primary colours of your playground, from …

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