john tranter

Michael Farrell Reviews John Tranter

At a Carlton party, someone said to me that a number of Australian poets were all right until they started imitating Ashbery: Tranter was the example given. How Ashberian is Tranter? Their mode is similar, the way they range over a topic before resting on a twig or in mid-air, yet Tranter is closer to the ground, less insouciant, more urgent, the phrasing of a private eye who's always on the case, commissioned or not.

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Laissez Faire

They were acting crazy around the card table. She was trying to teach the guys how to deal poker hands, the way it ought to be done — she was bluffing, they were too stoned, in this motel room like …

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Serial Numbers

And tell the truth – the tumult of various expendable business plans, and the evening blinked in like a landing jet, apparently graceful, in fact screaming nuts and bolts – shaking metal plus desire equals travel industry bond finance downturn …

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