Jillian Pattinson

Review Short: Judith Crispin’s The Myrhh-Bearers and Jillian Pattinson’s Babel Fish

At a first, casual reading, it is easy to see why Jillian Pattinson’s Babel Fish won the 2010 Alec Bolton Prize. Here is a polished and elegant collection, addressing not only the expected emotional and personal depths of the lyric, but also casually marrying art and science with unashamed reference to untouchable greats of literature and, dare I say it, a carefully monitored spirituality.

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Horse Latitudes

The gyre. The currents sweeping up plastic artefacts. The currents the gyre the artefacts. The Sun breaking plastic down into particles. The polymers. The molecules. The container load of polythene horses thrown overboard. The gyre. The floating debris slow spinning …

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