Garry Thomas Morse

A Complex Contrarian of Occasions: Garry Thomas Morse’s Prairie Harbour

How do you write about a place that’s not known for much – or that is known for being ‘not much’? If the Romantics sought to imbibe the sublime through encounters with wild nature and the modernists hoped to record the shocking dissonance of urban life, it’s easy to forget that some poems reject the easy juxtaposition between such extreme environments and instead delve into the everyday details of smaller towns, or duller suburbs.

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Recline upon bird down, tightening loopholes, feeling a touch of the artist in the middle of the night—palaver & slaver to mark the occasion of our first impudent glare, everything flared tricked out like seasonal cues & slashes in fabric …

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The Untitled (52)

for Judith Fitzgerald Who were your parents, your mentors You and your BIG WORDS You and your BIG WORLDs What is beaten not out of one, survives, subsists in verbinous might through yellowed gerunds The book retains the odour of …

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