Esther Ottaway

Joy to My World

here is the pleasure kitty-cat warm on the sunny winter concrete just inside the gate me an undelegated inconvenience luxury thrown out the specialist’s window day one clawed back this decade living crip joy to my world it’s not undone …

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Nicholas Manning Reviews Claire Potter and Esther Ottaway

It's difficult not to detect an implicit whiff of politics in Poets Union's choice of two rather different poets for their 2006 Young Poets Fellowships. The coupling of Claire Potter and Esther Ottaway seems to incarnate a certain intriguing editorial magnanimity, a technique that might be termed that of 'covering all bases'. On the one hand, Poets Union can in no way be accused of neglecting an open, communicative and fundamentally accessible poetic, because they have Ottaway; but nor can they be accused of neglecting a more 'experimental' tradition, because they have Potter.

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