Joy to My World

By and | 15 September 2022

here is the pleasure kitty-cat warm
on the sunny winter concrete just inside
the gate me an undelegated inconvenience
luxury thrown out the specialist’s window
day one clawed back this decade living crip

joy to my world

it’s not undone when you go do your thing
without me a sliver in the heart of compassion
a shard of glass in the regarding eye of country
freedom is your fairytale washed out with tears
melted why don’t you join me in the sun

tablecloth ripped out from under
happiness’ crockery
never trusted joy
cross-wired with dread
took years untangling the electricals but now

joy to my world

is my revelation: in life’s second half
I’m larking about letting off
delight’s fireworks in cranial sky
jackwiring neurons to sensory bliss
orchestrating razzamatazz

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