Daryl Lim Wei Jie

As Long As One Tree Lives On | 只要还有一颗树活着

No more trees Actually, this world is already indifferent to trees, but it’s just that according to the calendar, Spring should see the valleys and hills filled with flowers, lush greenery and the joyous singing voices of humanity…… The wind …

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Presumptuous Modernity | 诗组:自以为是的现代

Tradition Sixty-five thousand four hundred and thirty dollar advertisement and one piece of mooncake Office Block Lift Up, a depressing morning Down, an anxious sunset Fast Food rubbish that’s stopped breathing quickly patching together rubbish that’s still breathing

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Down here, my pound of flesh is worth a dollar fifty more. Where the old pretzel maker from Mindanao once rested his sweat-flecked arms, there is now a fire sale of obsolescence. A garden of aerosol cans glistens, a low-grade …

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