Dani Netherclift

‘It’s no gift to have this kind of knowledge’: Indigo Perry in conversation with Dani Netherclift

Indigo Perry and Dani Netherclift are sisters living and writing in Victoria. Their father and older brother both drowned in an irrigation channel in 1993. Below is a conversation about the ways that this tragedy has shaped their creative practices both singularly and in dialogue with each other’s work.

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In Caravaggio’s Seven Mercies you see them poking out, a pair of dead men’s feet, holding place for now— two small anchors wedging open the door of the light, though darkness has arrived. In ‘Quarantine,’ Eavan Boland guides you back …

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Your face is a blur, you are out of the picture I am in my mother’s arms, my twin brother in her other the slumped red tomato is defeated, bleeding seeds like my mother’s tears, as it slides down the …

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