Coco Owen


With Reargards to the recent, unseasonable, dogged Daze I, lacklustrous, underwenched in Listfulness: I was semi-glosst, dulled-normal; underburnished, dis-tempestuous & dyspepsick. When installed in this infernall Offseason — the always & forever Fall — I ghostessed my own pitiless Party, …

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To the Anglo-Saxon Insult

You ass-out art against artlessness; brazen bawd, bull-bladdered bushwhacker; you churlish clown, clapper-clawed crower — we’re dizzy-eyed at your dog-breath wit. Ear-tweaker, you stink-eye the elf-skinner & flap-jaw gill-faced flax-wenches. Fools’ folly galls: you gully-wump gorge-gut gearheads. Haughty, hag-faced, hedge-born …

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