Coco Owen

Coco Owen is a stay-at-home poet in Los Angeles. She has published poems in the Antioch Review, 1913, The Journal, Rio Grande Review, Cirque and CutBank, among other venues. She has a mini-chapbook with Binge Press and has been a finalist in several recent book contests. Owen serves on the board of Les Figues Press in Los Angeles.


With Reargards to the recent, unseasonable, dogged Daze I, lacklustrous, underwenched in Listfulness: I was semi-glosst, dulled-normal; underburnished, dis-tempestuous & dyspepsick. When installed in this infernall Offseason — the always & forever Fall — I ghostessed my own pitiless Party, …

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To the Anglo-Saxon Insult

You ass-out art against artlessness; brazen bawd, bull-bladdered bushwhacker; you churlish clown, clapper-clawed crower — we’re dizzy-eyed at your dog-breath wit. Ear-tweaker, you stink-eye the elf-skinner & flap-jaw gill-faced flax-wenches. Fools’ folly galls: you gully-wump gorge-gut gearheads. Haughty, hag-faced, hedge-born …

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