Carolyn Abbs

Mona Lisa

The sheep are grazing on the Downs; one stops for me to photograph it. Close up an earthy smell of dung, and black eyes stare at me alert. It turns with a quick skip and trots off: a woolly behind …

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Surely Someone

‘Tenement Building’ (black & white photograph), Chris Kilip, Tate Britain, 2014. you view the house from across the street part of a terrace it fills the frame the roof is cut off no sky dim light upstairs a balcony door …

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Postcard to a Sibling

‘my love letter to the planet’, Sebastião Salgado, Genesis, Natural History Museum, 2013. i. I perused the shimmering images of Salgado, chiaroscuro palettes of black and white: penguins cormorants whales sea lions, volcanoes the Antarctic glaciers of Alaska… afterwards, I …

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