Berndt Sellheim

Review Short: Berndt Sellheim’s Awake at the Wheel

In Awake at the Wheel, Berndt Sellheim’s debut collection of poems, Australia is imagined in gothic terms, from the eerie and persistent presence of the ‘bushland’s dark parchment’ to the bones and ghosts which haunt an endless landscape. An homage to country, there is little innocence embedded in these poems of insides and outsides, which speak not only to a transforming sense of self but also to an environment that ceaselessly, and often uneasily, shifts.

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Swimming Laps in The Experience Machine

It’s the first mistake when the gloom floats in switching through the channels of late night television that palindrome of double-ues it only casts you down, no matter how bright-lit: and lo! the ultrasharp reflection of the LCD what God …

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To Dust

Perhaps you walk down the western slope in the dying of light and watching the old dog, still running yet, chasing the ricochet buzz of blowflies, tracer fire in the low sun you look on the metal seam the river-line, …

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