Berndt Sellheim

Berndt Sellheim is a poet, novelist and occasional academic. He has taught creative writing and poetics at UTS, and lectured in philosophy at Macquarie University, where he completed a doctorate in phenomenology in 2008. His poetry and critical work have been published in periodicals such as Meanjin, Heat, Island, Overland, Best Australian Poems, Plumwood Mountain, Eyeline and The Journal for the British Society of Phenomenology. He is the author of Beyond the Frame’s Edge (Fourth Estate, 2013) and Saint Vitus Dance (Fourth Estate, Forthcoming). He recently completed his first collection of poems.

Swimming Laps in The Experience Machine

It’s the first mistake when the gloom floats in switching through the channels of late night television that palindrome of double-ues it only casts you down, no matter how bright-lit: and lo! the ultrasharp reflection of the LCD what God …

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To Dust

Perhaps you walk down the western slope in the dying of light and watching the old dog, still running yet, chasing the ricochet buzz of blowflies, tracer fire in the low sun you look on the metal seam the river-line, …

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