Alice Savona

Ivy Ireland Reviews Alice Savona’s Self ie

Reading Alice Savona’s Self ie feels a bit like taking a vacation inside a palindrome.

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Hypothesis Father (f) (h) (ch) ucks mother when it is really his own fears & | & anxious avoidance of recovery that he needs to (f) (h) (ch) uck; Mother (f) (h) (ch) ucks father when it is really her …

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Self ie

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IQ coding embroiled similarities exquisite block design boiled enchanted bed wet x ray There are interactional stressors to consider. EQ sensory expert sensitive botching lemongrass memory one remarkable boy made of Lego and honey posted in public areas P&Q how …

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let’s play Survivor psychology I sculpt eyelids for your snakes hang your stress from mother’s best tree bring you back clean as Vietnamese salad I sculpt eyelids for your snakes the opiate baby is now thirteen bring you back clean …

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