Selections from The Urge to Believe Is Stronger than Belief Itself

By | 2 January 2008


Cancer is not invasive like a virus or bacteria, an injury or trauma. Cancer is a disease of the self. The body's own cells assume a guise & stage a quiet coup.

Breast cells, on average, take 100 days to double. One billion cells form a tumor 1 cm in diameter. Which means most cancers have been around for 6 to 10 years prior to diagnosis.

Post-mastectomy options include reconstruction (muscular-abdominal or thoracic; fatty tissue; saline/silicone implant-including or not including cadaver skin), prosthesis (cotton, plastic, rubber, or gel), no action.



Seven to ten days following surgery, patients may feel an overwhelming sensation that their body has not changed. This may result in over-activity, etc., which has been known to cause exhilaration & extreme weakness.

Plaster cast. Nipple round as the bulb of a lemon, flat, shy, leaning into the fine curvature of shadow it casts for itself, by itself. It just hangs there, matted in shadowbox, semi-sphere circumnavigated by lines & subsequent angles, lines & subsequent angles again. Whether Duchamp meant his title to be ironic is debatable.

'Study for 'Prière de toucher [Please Touch]''.

Museum goers, though urged-in fact, encouraged-to touch said breast, are interrupted, mid-gesture, from doing so. Interactive art rendered immobile.

'Study for 'Prière de toucher [Please Touch]''

would be the only of his works to be placed behind glass & remain behind glass for the sake of the longevity of one plaster breast in a box.



Insurance plans may or may not offset the cost of prostheses. National law, however, requires reconstruction coverage, as surgery is assumed to once again render an individual 'whole'.


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