Erin M Bertram

Erin M Bertram is the author of eleven chapbooks, most recently Memento Mori, published by Dancing Girl Press. A former John Woods Scholarship recipient from Prague Summer Program, she has also received the Frank O’Hara Chapbook Award and was named a published finalist in the 2013 Diagram Essay Contest. She earned her MFA from Washington University in St. Louis, where she received the Academy of American Poets Prize and a Jr. Writer-in-Residence Fellowship. She has also done continuing education work through Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies. Her work has appeared in Handsome, So to Speak, Copper Nickel, Hotel Amerika, Lambda Literary Review, Best New Poets, Uprooted: An Anthology on Gender and Illness and elsewhere. She is a PhD student and Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Selections from The Urge to Believe Is Stronger than Belief Itself

Note: Cancer is not invasive like a virus or bacteria, an injury or trauma. Cancer is a disease of the self. The body's own cells assume a guise & stage a quiet coup. Breast cells, on average, take 100 days …

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