By | 1 July 1998

In here is occlusive search for peace.
Limbs find the fairest fall,
Stomach is content, back assumes a line,
Head inclines toward presence.
Words lose their grammar, logic disbands,
Features change outline and fade;
Memory’s meanings come apart,
Actions their purpose, practice its perfection,
Conditions are put behind
And here trust is given to unempirical evidence.
Fragments form figments, longings gravures,
Loves landscapes.The unknown of the known discloses,
Quits its tethering events, the jury out forever.
Inside here cannot be brought back to light
Yet merges unaccountable calls into colours,
Conversation in languages that never evolved.
Hemmed by the furbished home in your infant suburb
You are closer to its mood than is remembered,
Seeing faces in unfamiliar places.
Womb without casing, not death but a drug
That slows deep and you can know yourself
Dying of tortures unheard of, only then
You disrobe the germane erotic.
The future rears in a torrential typology
That defies the constringent analysis
Of the exegete in the woken street.

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