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Horace Odes One Thirty-Eight

Pretensions I hate: puerile apparatuses Desplicing nexus garlands phlegmy coronae smitten sectarian roseate quotes dislocation sheer mortuary. Simplicity, a myrtle that needs no elaboration, No profuse curating. My friend, for us the myrtle Is becoming. wheter when serving or under …

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Horace Odes One Eleven

It is better not to question, we cannot know, the end set out either for me or for you, my bright-eyed one, neither should you depend on all those dime-a-dozen horoscopes. Much better to take on what may be. Whether …

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Horace Odes One Eight

Explain, Lydia, by all That is fair and just, why you destroy Sybaris with love; why he, a man who lives for sun and sand, avoids the playing tracks. Why is he seen no more With his equals in pride, …

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When you come out bared The business has turned serious; We anoint our work with your grease. You are the radar as we move through the crowd With a gentle jog of the morphology. You act as the fulcrum while …

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Who ate the rest of my portion, where has the new purchase gone, When are we stopping to have a rest, sentences missing their mark, Moments passed waiting, no reply.Who wrote your autobiography, Where is the South China Sea, what …

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In here is occlusive search for peace. Limbs find the fairest fall, Stomach is content, back assumes a line, Head inclines toward presence. Words lose their grammar, logic disbands, Features change outline and fade; Memory‚Äôs meanings come apart, Actions their …

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