Marriage Suite

By | 1 November 2018

They told us to be respectful so…

You squashy turdball. Sucking off the far right christians in slow stamp licks while your high court handmaidens hold the curtains up and the camps ticking over.

They told us to be respectful so.

We hope it will be all right. We hope we can put our small rainbow signs up and only sun will fall on them. We hope walking along with our badges on and an outward step calls forth only indifference
or complicit grins. We hope. But we shall not forget as you will forget
that you made our equality something to be voted on but not too seriously.
By post.
A kind of, sort of, vote for folk you see as,
a kind of, sort of, people. And as we walk past forgotten post boxes
we will remember you. For a moment holding hands ring fingers entwined. And emboldened in gold.

They told us to be respectful so.

We became respectable.
Kind of.
Sort of.


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