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By | 1 November 2018

marriage (n.): longhand for merge
meaning: two become one
meaning: you.

yew (genus Taxus): an evergreen
with striking red berries.
In a wide circle around it
nothing can grow.

circle ((x−h)^2 + (y−k)^2 = r^2):
a special case of the ellipse
in which the eccentricity must be 0
and two foci are one
meaning: you
meaning: follow the curve for long enough
and we’re right back where we started.

start (v): to end
up yet again
at the edge of a mirage.

mirage (n.): an apparition, as of an oasis
in the desert, in the imagination
of one or more persons.

one (S(0)):
1. unity
2. an indefinite pronoun
for an arbitrary individual
3. the beginning of an order

order (v.):
1. to arrange neatly
in the approved fashion
2. to compel to obey

to (art.):
1. expressing motion in the direction of
“how do I get to the horizon?”
2. identifying the person or thing affected
“you made this promise to me”
3. the number before 3.
4. also
5. when you repeat something so often
no one can understand it anymore.
“to two to too (2)”

true (λx(v(x)=1)): specified inductively
by merging the values zero
and one.

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