By | 1 November 2018

In one photo a rainbow-coloured toy guinea pig—that looks very much like a live guinea pig—stands outside on green leaves. In another photo a yellow snail looks up at a red ladybird crawling over a black and white striped mushroom. There is a topiary horse in mid-gallop over a field of yellow flowers, a chain of koala bears hugging each other, a red Virgin Mary whose dress elongates into multiple octopus feelers. A hairless cat wears a rainbow spotted turtleneck. I learn that so-called lesbian iguanas have a third eye on the top of their heads. This is a retina-like structure that connects to the pineal gland in the brain. The photo shows one iguana licking the top of another iguana’s head with its red tongue. Their claw hands are clasped and the lickee is eyes-closed blissed out. There is a beaver, a lesbian Mexican axolotl, flamingos, a panda wearing a suit, kittens, owls, dolphins, and a little girl standing on a baby crocodile.


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