I had a tooth ache

By | 1 November 2018

my tooth is drilled

the vibration penetrates and

I realise I own a body

for the first time in 28 years

someone stands in the mirror

I am not there

the vibration penetrates and

waves of iron wash me

my body was a car

something I couldn’t drive

something to use until

it broke and killed me

the vibration penetrates and

I remember all that I

put in my body

because it wasn’t me

you shove things in a car

and try to forget them

going to the dentist is

taking ownership

this is my car

this is what I have to deal with

the drill cracks the car open

inside is a girl

hiding in the corner

of all parties

sipping alcohol

wanting to leave

my tooth is drilled and

the car becomes a weapon

turned against that girl

becomes a club to

beat us with

I want to talk with that girl

but what do I do with the car

I want to dance with her

but what do I do with my hips

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