By | 1 November 2018

Hey there baby, it’s been a while
I look tanned
I look good
I look /
I look
a lot like trouble
a damned piece of arse
in this hot desert truck stop.

Got me own cabin
made outta tin
got me some rollies
2 weeks slabs of beers
got me the eyes
of a low-lying lizard
the paper-thin hide
of some nasty wasp

there’s dead tyre tracks
homing in from the distance
splayed on the dirtpan
carousing like snake trails
slithering up to the toe of my boot
I’m kicking them back into dust
into bullshit –
no need to keep evidence
wouldn’t you say?
Already got
one man inside
when I unbolt the door
he won’t run anywhere
already got a small plug of explosive
stored in my teeth should I need to bite down

The long hot horizon that’s always been shady
is still trying to trick me there’s something out here
I think I hear civilisation a-coming
But it’s just the gen’rater grunting its dream

Got a circle of diesel marking my boundaries
got me some matches got me some fun
got a juke box and teardrops
tin cans final notices
ribby dog sniffing at
piles of bones

So yeah come on join me
Bring your own shotgun
I’m wearing cuttoffs I’m wearing spite
it won’t hurt I promise
and you ortta know
what in our legacy ‘promise’ is worth

This time
I’ll bend backwards
for you baby sure
you got deadlines, commitments
I got thighs and supplies
I got a guitar and some old packing crates
got a view of the future
that stretches til sunrise…

come out come on baby
come out come on baby
come out come on baby
you know what I am

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