Asylum Fashions

By | 1 November 2018

Why not slip on this jacket, check if it fits?
It’s just arrived from England. You’re the first
to try it on. We’ve had just a few old ones
until today – we don’t use them much.

Let’s see you put it on. Yes, I know
the sleeves are long, the end cloths well beyond
your finger tips – this is the latest style.
Note the firmness of fabric. It’s ever so strong.

Now for the matching trousers. Like to try them?
I’ll hold the waist open while you step inside.
The centre seam that stitches the legs together
is well thought out and perfectly discreet.

The outfit is complete with these two mittens.
The same tight weave, and with a novel feature
of metal clasp and lock, defining the wrist –
an elegant innovation, practical too.

Let’s leave the mittens for now. See how the jacket
keeps you snug when I tie the sleeves around you.
No more hugging yourself against the cold –
this latest model neatly does the trick.

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