Liz McQuilkin

Liz McQuilkin has come late to writing. A retired English teacher, she enrolled in a poetry writing course with poet, Gina Mercer, in 2007 and has been widely published since. Her collaboration – with Karen Knight, Christiane Conesa-Bostock, Megan Schaffner and Liz Winfield – in the collection Of Things Being Various (Forty Degrees South) won the FAW National Community Award in 2010. Her first solo collection, The Nonchalant Garden (Walleah Press), was published in 2014.

Asylum Fashions

Why not slip on this jacket, check if it fits? It’s just arrived from England. You’re the first to try it on. We’ve had just a few old ones until today – we don’t use them much. Let’s see you …

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