In the Ear of the Journeyman

By | 1 November 2015

minus this workload established status is a mirage but with a daily ten kilometres up and down gravel maybe you’re on track to maintain a spot in the squad if you don’t expire sometime soon granted it’s a lot to do with pain this daily dose along limestone

trails but it’s also about kilometres in the legs developing a decent engine for the midfield you’ll need to dig in if you want to remain a valued player well after this preseason you’re sure to remember that twice round the Zamia Trail makes ten

kilometres which must be run in less than forty minutes so show us how much you really want an extended contract it’s not as if you’re a superstar and should the shadow of your future arthritic self stand in the way you’ll just have to run through it after this

we’ll jog to Mc Gillvray Oval where there’ll be ten twenty metre sprints interspersed with less than thirty seconds recovery time sharp circle work for an hour before we do weights and now as you run past enjoy views of the sea snatched between tortured

banksia along the ridge line then slip down the dip past thorny yellow acacia where even if you can do with a piss you must give it a miss for more squirts of daily dose as pink and grey clowns look down their beaks and screech from trees intertwined with

bridal creeper and if in the sandy vale the windblown veldt grass bends your thoughts to barefoot running in Kenya wind your way up deep green hills planted with coffee in deep red soil till you reach the pine plantation of an imaginary Olympia where you’ll

give each tree a perfect hip and shoulder before the turn to the Lookout and if the senior coach instructs you to shirtfront the trunk of a tuart you better damn well do it come on sprint the last hundred you’re weak as piss and should you pike out let the

team down squib a hit when under a hospital handpass and if you get cut during the season for dropping a mark in the goal square then don’t come squealing to me in the meantime don’t bloody well forget that at five you’re getting another injection of juice


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